Failing with ‘Vikas’ and ‘Ram Mandir’ cards, BJP might use ‘Riot’ or ‘War on Pak’ card for UP Election : Mr Katju


New Delhi : Justice Markandey katju has again hit the nails on BJP, on his facebook profile with referring to a Indian Express Article “Is BJP quietly raising Ram Mandir issue ahead of UP elections?”.

Katju said :
Unfortunately for BJP, the vikas slogan has gone for a six, with a stagnant economy and rising unemployment.
But unfortunately for it again, the Ram Madir issue is a dead horse.
So there are now only two ways out to win the U.P. elections.
1. Organize large scale communal riots in U.P. and massacre a few thousand Muslims
2. Do another strike, but this time not just a ‘surgical’ one but an all out war against Pakistan, and even nuke them if necesary, and hold elections soon after the war is started.


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