‘Fake’ CEOs Brought in Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2017 to sit in Crowd


GANDHINAGAR: While every media is covering about Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2017, where investor from across the globe is going to be part of this summit.

The  Vibrant Gujarat 2017 Global Summit’s inaugural ceremony on Tuesday was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with many ministers and business tycoons from across India.


Several chief executive officers attending the summit praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “dynamic and visionary leadership” over the past two and a half years.

“450 Teachers were dressed up as CEOs and were asked to be present during Vibrant Gujarat” a news paper in Gujarat reported.

However, a Gujarati newspaper claims that all was not actually what it looked like. The Gujarati newpaper claims in their daily that the 450 teachers from government school were assigned ‘special duty’ in the ceremony and they were told to pretend as corporate tycoons.


Around 450 teachers of aided schools were rehearsed before the vibrant Gujarat event and called to appear. They were made to sit in middle rows wearing coat and pretending to be corporate type. Corporate had given order for primary and middle school teachers and they came well dressed. They were also given ID cards after the so called ‘training’, which said “all access”.

Here is the tweet :

This type of theatrical rhetorics to show fake development is really harmful for the country and its government because citizens may lose trust in government for deceiving with such acts.


  1. There are some who need to relate everything that happens, on a party due to emotional crisis/personal vendata and believe any crap that’s given on a website/fabricated news paper.
    While there are others, who prefer to know the truth by seeing beyond the blatant lies and wait until proved wrong. Don’t take it personal, just trying to throw some light.


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