Fake Viral : Several Videos Circulated Falsely Claiming To Be Indian Muslims Celebrating Pakistan Win


While millions of Indians were left heartbroken after India’s defeat in Champions trophy final on Sunday, fake videos claiming that Muslims in India celebrated Pakistan’s victory started floating on social media.

The videos drew a lot of attraction and shares on social media. The comment sections were filled with vicious anti-Muslim rants. However, it soon came to the fore that the videos were fake.

Amar Ujala has used a image in which Pakistanis were celebrating in Karachi, Pakistan and used it in their article claiming ‘sloganeering in favour of Pakistan on Maris Road (Aligarh)’  which was exposed by us.

ShankhNaad a Right wings website has tweeted this fake video on their tweeter handle which is a 5 month old video and has nothing to do with cricket match. Alt News has also reported about the multiple numbers of fake videos in details earlier.

The same video was earlier tweeted by a verified twitter account with name Sonam Mahajan who later deleted the video after getting exposed.

Another video in which Bohra Muslim community celebrating Pakistan’s victory from Karachi, Pakistan was being circulated claiming it to be from Mumbai. After this video posted on india’s largest Narendra Modi supporters group on facebook, thousands of people has abused indian Muslims without even knowing the fact. (Read)

Watch the Truth :



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