Farmer Earns 1 Rupee After Selling 20 Quintals of Potatoes, tweets to PM Narendra Modi


Indore : Farming is no more beneficial business in India where many farmers already reported committing suicide since last decade, now a very strange incident has come into limelight.

A farmer has earned Re 1 after selling 20 Quintals of Potatoes, he has tweeted to PMO but without any reply. Not many does this and many doesn’t even know about Social Media and they simply go commit suicide. It’s a worrying question about how this farmer will pay back the loan which he has been paid for harvesting 20 Quintals of potato with just Re 1?


According to report a farmer from Indore named Raja Chaudhri had sold 20 Quintals  of Potatoes in a local market  for Rs 1,075,  where the transportation itself costs him Rs 1,074. So in the end he was ended up selling 20 Quintals of potatoes in just Re 1.

This incident reached to the farmer union leader and he tweeted PMO “2000 Kilo aaloo ki keemat 1 rupya isme batao kitna rupiya kilo milega kisan ko? Bidwan Guna bhaag aur jod kar ke bataye” (If 2000 kilos potatoes price is Rupee 1, how much profit will farmer get per kilo? Some intelligent person should calculate and answer. )

The same farmer has complained that this year at least he earned 1 Rupee, last year he had spent 2,393 INR and earned only 1,620 INR, which means he had lost Rs 773 last year, Raja Chaudhri has kept the receipt with him to prove his claim.

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