Father of Suspected Terrorist Refused to take Dead Body, said “A Traitor can’t be my son”


Lucknow : The father of Lucknow terror Suspect Saifullah, who was killed in an anti-terror operation in Lucknow yesterday evening, has refused to take the body of a “traitor”.

Father of killed suspect, Sartaj told reporters that my son had left home around two months ago after being scolded for not working. He had hit his son a day before he left home Sartaj said. Saifullah had contacted us on Monday last week and told that he is going to Saudi Arabia for a job.


“What he has done is not in national interest. We will not the take the dead body of such traitor,” Sartaj told reporters.

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He went on saying “A traitor cannot be my son. So i reject his death body, We are Indians, we were born here, our forefathers have been born to this land. One who works against this country is not my son,” he said.

“I used to tell him to find some employment, but he would not listen to me. I used to be angry with him, scolded him many times,” he said.

A day before he left home i slapped him on an argument, Next day I went to work, when I came back I got to know he has left,” he said.

Superintendent of Police (Kanpur City) Somen Verma said Saifullah’s family was contacted but they refused to take the body. He added that the police may again make an attempt to convince the family about it.

Meanwhile, the father of two other men, who have been arrested on terror-related charges, has claimed that they were innocent and has sought a fair probe.

Source : HT



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