Forced conversion: Muslim woman allegedly forced to chant ‘Krishna Krishna’ by doctor before operation


Bengaluru: In a shocking incident, a government hospital doctor has been booked after he forced a woman, belonging to Muslim community, to chant “Krishna Krishna” while she was due to have operation.


In the complaint, Naseema had stated, “I was asked to come for the surgery at 1 pm. The doctors operating on women were asking the patients to chant Krishna Krishna while being operated. As I was a Muslim, I started saying, Allah Allah, to which the doctors objected. I tried to convince them saying I am a Muslim and I cannot chant Krishna’s name, but the doctors refused to accept my explanation,” it was reported.

The victim named Naseema Banu in her complaint to the police alleged that the accused doctor performing the surgery asked the women to chant Krishna’s name before the minor surgery. Naseema Banu (22), a resident of Nandini Layout in Yeshwanthpur, she and her husband had decided that Naseema would undergo tubectomy surgery after the birth of their second daughter 10 months ago.

After knowing about a tubectomy surgery camp being held at Chintamani Government Hospital on Tuesday, Naseema, her husband and aunt left for Chintamani and enrolled her name in the hospital.

She further said that the doctors threatened to cancel her surgery if she did not chant “Krishna Krishna” and that she was forced into chanting it. After the surgery, Naseema approached the Chintamani city police station and lodged a complaint, stating that her religious sentiments were hurt by the act of doctor Ramakrishna, who according to her forced her into chanting “Krishna Krishna”.

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