Former Republic TV correspondent slams channel for it’s bias reporting of Gauri Lankesh murder

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New Delhi: In the latest series of ‘crushing of dissent’ voices in India, a prominent senior journalist Gauri Lankesh was killed in a cold blooded murder. The 55-year-old was famous for her fearless journalism against establishments and extremists ideology of Hindutva.

Although her whole life was dedicated to journalism, but few News media played biased reporting by trying to divert attention from actual ‘potential perpetrators’ to opposition parties.


A former Republic TV correspondent who resigned shortly after joining the venture after finding differences over ‘journalistic ethics’ took on Facebook, Sumana Nandy slammed Republic TV for its biased reporting.

She said: “I have always been proud of the organisations I have worked with in my extremely small career in journalism. But today I am ashamed! An ‘independent’ news organisation is now batting for a rogue government. And openly so.

A journalist is murdered in cold blood days after receiving death threats from the BJP-RSS cadres. And instead of questioning these murderers, you question the opposition? Where is the integrity? Where are we heading? Some ‘journalists’ are even celebrating the massacre (that she brought it on herself.) Well, yes! This is what happens in Saudi Arabia and North Korea. We are just a few more deaths away from catching up with these countries.” She added.

She further stated “If the fourth pillar sells its soul, where will the society go?

We have failed you, ma’am. All I know, you are probably in a much much better place.”

In end she slammed Republic TV by saying “P.S.: For whatever it is worth and whatever significance it has, I have decided to not put Republic TV as one of my employers on my CV and on social media. I regret my association with this rogue organisation.

A deeper look into Gauri Lankesh’s life

For past a-while Nation has been mourning over uncountable deaths of people, from deaths due to rail derailments to children deaths in Gorakhpur over alleged lack of oxygen, and mob lynching of Dalits and Muslim and yet the BJP govt wants to stay quiet over these incidents.


After 71yrs of Independence people continue to live under poverty, debt, malnourishment and fear. Fear not because of external forces but of internal-our own hoodlums and fringes groups, namely Gau Raskhak (self proclaimed vigilantes), Hindutva Groups, ghar wapsi gang, moral police etc.. and list seems to be never ending.

Narendra Modi’s BJP government which said on Jan 22,2015 “Save girl child, educate her, pleads Modi” (The HINDU).
But in recent times this statement is being taken too seriously (Obviously negatively).

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Save girl child, educate her, pleads Modi – But it failed to provide education for a girl in Chennai (Anitha), who committed suicide after failing to get medical seat.

Now when Educated Women raise their voice against misogyny, sexism, discrimination, it gets buried by misogynistic and sexist trolls on social media. Wonder what’s the true essence of the line (Save girl child, educate her, pleads Modi) that fooled many Indians.
Gauri Lankesh, A prominent Indian journalist critical of Hindutva politics was shot dead in the Southern State of Karnataka on 4th September.


Gauri Lankesh, 55, was found lying in a pool of blood at her doorstep in the city of Bangalore. She was shot in the head and chest by gunmen who arrived by motorcycle. The motive for the crime is still not clear. Police sources said Ms. Lankesh collapsed after she was shot at by three assailants as she was entering her house at around 8 p.m

Indian reporters are being increasingly targeted by few self-proclaimed radical nationalists on social media. After the news of Gauri’s murder, few right wing supporters surpassed every limit of sanity, they were publicly celebrating her death. Most shockingly few of them were followed by PM Modi and other big politicians.

The most prominent Indian journalist murdered in recent years, Ms Lankesh was buried with full state honours. The chief minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, was among those who attended the funeral. There were also protests against her killing in several Indian cities, including the capital, Delhi.

Now let’s dig deeper into the journalist life, why was she targeted?
Gauri was a staunch critic of the right-wing Hindutva politics. In 2012, while participating in a protest demanding a ban on communal groups in Mangalore, she stated that Hindutva was not a religion but a “system of hierarchy in society” in which “women are treated as second-class creatures”.

She endorsed a minority religion tag for the Lingayat community and headed the Komu Souharda Vedike, a communal harmony platform for the oppressed communities. She was also of the view that the followers of philosopher Basavanna were not Hindus.

In November 2014, the Congress-led Karnataka government appointed Gauri as a member of a committee aimed at convincing the Naxalites to give up violence and surrender. However, a delegation of BJP leaders accused her of being a Naxalite sympathiser and demanded her removal from the committee.

At the conference, Gauri remarked that the low-caste author Perumal Murugan was criticised by right-wing Hindu groups for depicting a childless Hindu couple who indulged in consensual sex rituals outside of marriage in order to have children. She then pointed out that the Brahmin novelist S. L. Bhyrappa had also depicted the similar Niyoga practice in his novel Parva, a retelling of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. She clarified that she was supportive of both these writers, and asked why the Hindu groups who were offended by Perumal Murugan were not offended by Bhyrappa.

Now, isn’t quite clear what had happened, who did, why they did..?

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