Former VHP Leader and 5 women Arrested with 36 KG of Ganja in UP

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Ballia GRP arrested six persons including five women, along with 36 kg of ganja at Ballia railway station. One of the arrested person has been identified as the former District President of the VHP of Mau district.

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Dilip Kumar Pandey, GRP Ballia, said that on Wednesday night, some women and one male were seen in suspicious condition on platform number one. When they were questioned & later searched, 36 kg 340 grams of ganja was recovered from the their bags.

Out of arrested person, one person has been identified himself as Ramashish Kumar Rai, former district president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Mau. He admitted that women who were arrested along with him carried his instruction to smuggle ganja.


In this matter, Mou and Balia VHP Departmental Head Ramkrishna Bhardwaj said that the former District President, Ramashreesh Rai, had been removed from the organization for a long time due to his acts. In the Vidhan Sabha election, he had filed a nomination form from the Sadar constituency as an independent candidate. Ramashishe Rai was the District President of the organization from May 2014 to December 2016.

There were also small children with women caught in the station with ganja. Now, when the women have to go to jail, the five-year-old son of Saira Begum, a three-year-old girl of Chamina Begum, have to go to jail along with them. The incident of heavy ganja recovered at the station has stirred up after coming to light. But surprisingly, women and children are now being resorted to smuggling. Such women with whom they have children, so that no one can doubt them.

Source : One India



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