Gali Janardhan Reddy Illegal Mining Case of Rs 35,000 Crore is Being Buried Quietly In Karnataka


As per sources, CBI and Central Government in BJP Rules Karnataka State have not been keen to bring the guilty to justice in Karnataka Illegal Mining Scam Rs 35000 crore.

At least action taken by Central & State Government suggest the same and then we can recall one of the famous speech of Mr PM on weeding out the corruption is “Na Khaoonga Na Khane Doonga”Mining baron and former state BJP minister Gali Janardhan Reddy was identified as the main player in these cases.


As per CNN-News18 Reports, documents accessed by them, reveals Central Bureau of Investigation’s Anti-Corruption Branch told the Industries and Commerce department that “no prima facie case is made out to justify registration of a case” on the question of illegal export of iron ore from Karnataka through Goan ports.

This comes three years after an inquiry was ordered against Janardhan after the Lokayukta blew the lid off illegal mining in Karnataka. Contrary to the claims of the CBI, the Lokayukta report claimed that more than 12.57 crore metric tonnes of iron ore was transported from Goan ports.


Questioning how the case was handled, Hedge said the Lokayukta team had documented the case properly without any malice against any individual or company. “All the documents were produced along with the report. If the material produced by the Lokayukta is of no merit, then I think we have to relook at the judicial system,” he said.

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So far there are 63 cases against Janardhan in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Out of these, 10 cases with Special Investigation Team (SIT) Lokayukta concerning Belekeri port, the chargesheet hasn’t been filed yet. These cases are still under investigation. Around 28 of these cases are with the CBI in which chargesheet has been filed in almost all but the progress is slow.

Dismayed by a series of closure reports filed by investigative agencies, former Lokayukta Santosh Hegde said, “Can it be disputed that 2.4 lakh worth metric tonnes was deposited in Belekeri port? Can it be said this disappeared? There should be somebody answerable for this, 2, 40,000 tonnes is a huge amount.”

“It requires dozens of ships to be taken away. And how can it go when it is controlled by the Port Officer, by the Investigating Officers of the Lokayukta. How can anybody explain?” he added.


“I am so sorry that after all the effort, we get to see this results. VIPs are getting acquitted, appeals are not being filed on time. The SIT has been working there for three years and nothing but filing the reports. A premier organisation like CBI has been filing B reports,” he said.

It needs a political will to encounter the corruption, merely statement does not eligible some one to become a crusader. We can have another commitment made by Mr PM in Parliament in 2014, after “Na Khaoonga Na Khane Doonga” powerful punch, as “I request SC to take quick decisions on people facing criminal charges in Parliament,” he said. Mr PM had vowed a zero-tolerance policy on graft if he was selected by voters. This Parliament has a record number of lawmakers facing criminal charges – 186 members or 34 per cent of the Lok Sabha – according to research by the Association for Democratic Reforms.

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Source : News 18




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