Goans protest with #NotMyCM as BJP Ministers take Oath, A Trending Topic on Twitter


Goa : Manohar Parrikar, who resigned as Defence Minister, was administered the oath of office in presence of top BJP leaders including BJP national president Amit Shah, Union Ministers Venkaiah Naidu, Nitin Gadkari, J.P. Nadda and several other dignitaries.

BJP has got only 13 seats from Election which was held in February and they formed government with help of 9 other MLA’s who supported. Anger simmers in state as saffron party, which won only 13 seats in the 40-member house, forms government with support of regional entities,Independents.


This decision convinced the protestors to come out with hastily painted signboards. Few was holding Go Back to Delhi.

“I am here to insist that due process of governance be followed and our popular mandate is not hijacked by greedy interests who are selling Goa,” said a protestor named Anjali Sen Gupta. “I can’t understand why the Governor is in such a hurry to get the government formed. Give the single largest party the chance to prove its majority. She should have followed the law of the land. Is anyone above the law of the land?”

Added a man named Eric Pinto, “The BJP lost the mandate. This is a betrayal of the electoral process.”

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