Goonda Raj in UP : BJP leader’s son mercilessly thrash toll booth employee caught on CCTV


A BJP lawmaker Pooran Prakash watches explicitly his son and his supporters thrashing and beating up a employee at a toll plaza in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura on Tuesday. This incident was caught up in security cameras and reinforces that many such services remain easy bait for “VIP” bullying despite public anger and protests.

His son attacked the employee when a boom barrier fell on their car when it was trying to zoom through the toll on the VIP lane. According to the toll workers, the SUV sped after another car that had just been cleared to pass.

The CCTV footage depicts that two employees are seen bringing down the barrier as the car was trying to pass without paying. The lawmaker, who represents Uttar Pradesh’s Baldev constituency, justified the attack and blamed the toll booth staff instead.

He told to ANI news agency that, ” My security vehicles went before us but still they dropped that stick on our car, despite seeing “vidhayak¬†(legislator)” written on it prominently. This is nothing new, they often do such things,”

The incident didn’t stopped here, they became barrage to the toll and didnt allowed the toll nakas to perform their duty and allowed all cars to pass without any toll payment, this ran for hours. And the toll management has filed a complaint but no FIR has been registered till now.

Pooran Prakash represents the Baldev constituency of Uttar Pradesh in the state assembly. Before joining the BJP in December 2016, Pooran Prakash was a member of the Rashtriya Lok Dal.

Watch Video : here


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