Great day for India, UNESCO has just declared you an A grade Bhakt


If family WhatsApp groups are to be believed, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have no other job in the world besides announcing various Indian things have been declared the best in the world.  So far, if these mass forwards are to be believed, everything starting from our national anthem, to our prime minister, to Patanjali products, to Mumbai locals, everything has been declared the best in the world by UNESCO and therefore should be above questions.

Of course, one has to wonder why the UNESCO is judging random things at god-knows-what arbitrary standards, but when has the world known WhatsApp forwards to lie?

Post the demonetisation drive (that has been heavily criticised by economists, the opposition and a huge section of the general population) and the launch of the new Rs 2,000 currency note (that has been criticised as well), the hurt fanboys of the Modi government, in a bid to regain national confidence in Modi’s moves, have floated the rumour that UNESCO has declared the new Rs 2,000 notes, the best currency notes in the world?


Congratulation to all of us. Our new Rs 2000 note is declared as the “BEST CURRENCY OF THE WORLD”by UNESCO Just few minutes ago. Dr. Saurabh Mukherjee, head of cultural awareness department of UNESCO announced this to media this afternoon.

Kindly share this.

Very proud to be an INDIAN.






Are you feeling proud? Please don’t.

In the last half-a-decade, every time someone has floated this done-to-death UNESCO rumour, it has been debunked, disproved and has been labelled as a hoax. In fact, at this point, it is fair to call any “UNESCO has declared” message a hoax, because let’s face it; they have better things to do at the United Nations. And despite all of this, you still choose to belive nonsense like this, well we are definitely going to call UNESCO and have them declare you a complete moron.

Source : Daily O


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