Gujarat : A 40-year-old woman was lynched by mob on suspicion of being a child-lifter

Image Credit: The Northeast Today, Times of India

“LYNCH”- The Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘lynching’ as a mob killing someone by thrashing, for an alleged crime without a legal trial.

Lynching being ascending from state to state reaching till Gujarat where without having any legal investigation on June 26th a 40-year-old woman was lynched by a senseless mob on suspicion of being a child-lifter in Ahmedabad’s Vadaj area based on the fake messages on WhatsApp which claimed another victim being prey to mobs lynching.

The Indian Express reported that, the victim’s name is Shanta Devi who is from Rajasthan & was in an autorickshaw with three other women, when they were chased by a mob and then brutally thrashed. The others are still in Ahmedabad Civil Hospital and are getting treated for their injuries.

The sister-in-law named Ansi of the victim, placed a complaint where she said that she wrote that Shanta, Ashu and Leela left their relative’s home in Sardarnagar area to seek alms. And added that, “around 2.25 PM, we took an autorickshaw at Naranpura crossing and headed towards Juna Wadaj. At that time, we saw some people chasing our autorickshaw, and at Wadaj circle they stopped us.”

As per statement the mob yelling said to them, “tame balak uthavi lavi java vali gang cho (you are the gang of child-lifters)”. No stopping here the mob dragged them out of the auto and beat them while the auto was also damaged, but the auto driver was spared.

The auto driver said, “People attacked the autorickshaw and started beating up the women, shouting at them to come out. When the women didn’t come out, they started dragging them out of the vehicle.”

The Police tried to get inside the crowd of the mob and other people and rescued out the victim and as the ambulance arrived the mob was disappeared.

The Police said case of murder has been lodged and investigation has been started to identifying the culprits. Mean while the Ahmedabad Police Commissioner A K Singh said that, “we have sought the help of media to counter, rumour mongering. We will take strict legal action against anybody indulging in that.”

Just on the basis of fake news, in the past two months dozens of people have been brutally beaten to death across the country be it men or women, Hindus or Muslims, young or the old ones, no one was spared from the hands of an angry mob. Most of the people on rumours of child abductors are going berserk and kidnapping children and killing them. It is understandable that for people who are from rural India it is hard to distinguish between genuine and fake news but it is astonishing that the so-called “educated” urban mass is also falling prey to this and aren’t using rationality or mind towards the issue.

In last one month, there have been 7 instances of goons taking law into their own hands and becoming murderers. People doesn’t understand that the content in WhatsApp is mostly user-generated and they are neither scrutinised (the way news is) nor is it verified while any photos or videos can be posted putting any context. Due to which many awareness programmes have been held across the country, urging people not to believe in WhatsApp forwards. With this press conferences has also been arranged to spread awareness about the difference of fake news and truth and to put trust on these news.


To look upon the facts, the child abductions news is only fake. news about the child kidnappers is fake. Beginning from Telangana it was like wildfire spread across the country resulting in the death of 15 innocent people. So its people’s part in spreading awareness about the issue, so that another innocent person does not have to lose their life. Do not be a part of the mob that takes the liberty of ending someone’s life.

Another part to say wherein nobody has the right or is allowed to take law into their own hands just because they think the person on the receiving end of the blows has committed a crime and it is illegal in India and a punishable offence. Try to inform people that mob lynchings are crime and in most cases, the perpetrators have been arrested. So, if they do not even care about human rights or the person whom they are lynching, they should not do it at least for their own sake, to keep themselves out of jail.

Police still trying to fulfil their duty but the lives which are gone are innocent are killed without any legal procedures or investigations. However, law and order situation needs to be improved if these goons can commit these crimes with such impunity.


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