Gujarat: Pride of lions attack Gaushala where they mauled 15 cows in just 45 minutes


Gujarat: A pride of five or more lions went on a killing spree in a village of Amreli district, mauling as many as 15 cows within just 45 minutes. The incident happened in Juni Vaghaniya village near Bagasara town on Monday night as lions attacked cows and calves one after another in Bhaktidham gaushala.


Ramdev Pir who maintains temple and nearby gaushala where there are nearly 300 cows and calves under his care. “We suspect there were at least five lions. They somehow entered the gaushala at around 8.30pm and went on a killing spree till around 9.15pm,” said Kalu Rupareliya, a resident of the village.

Former member of National Board for Wild Life Divya Bhanu Singh Chavda said, “When cattle confined in a limited space panic and start running helter-skelter, lions too display such abnormally aggressive behaviour as they also feel threatened.

The villagers have reported that one lion, lioness and three cubs were spotted roaming around the area. Wild life experts have stated that such aggressive behaviour is reported when animals in a confined area feel targeted and they react it panic.

Sources: India Times



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