Gujarat Riots will no Longer be Termed as ‘Anti-Muslim’ in NCERT class 12 Textbooks


One of the most noticeably bad collective viciousness in India since Independence Gujrat butchery will never again be called “hostile to Muslim mob” in NCERT course readings yet will be alluded as ”Gujrat mob.”

The choice was taken at a meeting of the course survey panel that incorporates agents of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), sources said.


The term ‘Anti-Muslim’ was distributed in 2007 amid the Congress-led UPA government’s tenure. However, now changes will be made.

As indicated by authority gauges, almost 800 Muslims and more than 250 Hindus were murdered in the viciousness in February-March, 2002, and is viewed as one of the most exceedingly terrible common uproars in the nation since Independence. The savagery was started by the demise of 57 Hindu travelers who were scorched alive in a prepare compartment at a station in Godhra.


The move could bother the minority group that drag the brunt of the weeks-long savagery. In the course of recent years, changes in reading material have been a disputable issue. A few BJP-ruled states, including Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and Maharashtra, changed textbooks in a way that activated restriction assertions that these legislatures were attempting to saffronise education.

“Focuses raised by CBSE have as of now been taken up by NCERT. Changes will be made and it will be reflected once the book is reproduced before the year’s over,” a senior NCERT official revealed to HT looking for obscurity.

A section titled “Politics in India since Independence” (page 187) in the Class XII political science reading material has an entry under the heading “Anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat”.


“In February-March 2002, extensive scale brutality against Muslims occurred in Gujarat … . An intruder of a prepare that was coming back from Ayodhya and was brimming with karsevaks was determined to flame… Associating the hands with Muslims in setting flame to the intruder, expansive scale savagery against Muslims started in many parts of Gujarat…” the entry peruses.

In a different improvement on May 13, the NCERT additionally chosen to supplant the guide of East and South East Asia in a similar course reading that demonstrated ‘Aksai Chin’, a region in Kashmir under China’s control, as a debated territory.

Source : HT



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