Gujarat: Ten close friends of Hardik Patel are preparing to contest election on Congress ticket

Hardik Patel after being released from Lajpor jail in Surat, Gujarat on friday. Express Photo by Bhupendra Rana 150716

According to reports 10 close aides of Hardik Patel have decided to contest Gujarat elections as congress candidates .These people are actively involved with Hardik Patel in the patiadar agitation and are planning to contest elections from Patiadar stronghold Saurashtra.

Dilip sabva ,Lalit vasoya ,Geeta Patel ,Manoj Panara are some of the prominent names who will be contesting the elections .Dilip sabva left his job as a teacher to join hands with Hardik Patel and became an active member of patiadar agitation .Lalit vasoya is not new to politics ,was the vice president of Rajkot BJP unit .Geeta Patel is the only female organiser of the movement and a trusted aide of Hardik Patel from Ahmedabad .

Manoj Panara came into limelight after he disrupted AmitShah’s rally in Gujrat . Patels are around 15% and have been major BJP supporters for many years.Out of 185 BJP legislators 44 are from Patel community .The congress which has been in opposition for more than decades is making huge efforts to come back in power and is eyeing the patiadar votes .


The patiadars are demanding reservations in jobs and educational institutions and Hardik Patel had emerged as the young face of the agitation . He himself has stayed away from active politics but Congress has approached him previously to show their support to the movement and also tried to convince him to join hands with them . News of Hardik Patel meeting Rahul Gandhi was spread by BJP which was later refuted by both Hardik Patel and congress party .

It later was confirmed that Gujrat Congress party president had held a meeting with Hardik Patel .The decision of his aides to contest elections is seen as a result of these meetings . What affect will these candidates have on elections can only be analysed after the election results but congress is making all efforts to win back the core supporters of BJP .If these candidates will be able get the patiadars vote for congress is to be seen .

Source : ABP



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