Hardik Patel Mocks BJP for not Placing ‘Laddu’ Orders even After Positive Exit Poll Results

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Gujarat : Hardik Patel, the controversial leader of Patedar community has mocked BJP for not placing sweets confectionery orders after winning almost all state as per current exit polls.

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In a tweet, Patidar movement leader who recently joined Shiv Sena has mocked BJP, he wrote “Exit Poll Dekh Rahe Sabhi Halwai Pareshan hai ki BJP wale Order Kyun Nahi De Rahe hai” (Looking at Exit Polls, Sweet Makers are in tension why BJP not placing order for Sweets).


Here is what He tweeted :

If you remember, Exit polls has given full majority to BJP for Bihar Election too, and all sweet orders where cancelled later. Few Sweet maker from Bihar complained that the person who placed order never turned back to take his order which cost them losses.




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