Haryana’s BJP leader Vijeta Malik posts Image from Bhojpuri Movie saying Hindu women getting rape in West Bengal


The situation in West Bengal has been very tensed for the past few days. And the BJP is leaving no stones unturned in fuelling communal hatred rather than helping in making the situation better. Recently BJP’s Haryana leader Vijeta Malik shared a snap on twitter of a Bhojpuri film to show the plight of Hindus in West Bengal under CM Mamta Banerjee.

This false propaganda soon enough caught people’s attention. Some people were outraged and demanded arrest of Malik and for some it became an internet joke.  Mallik while condemning the treatment meted to Hindus in the state, shared a picture of woman getting disrobed in public. The picture is a scene from one of Manoj Tiwari’s popular Bhopuri films ‘Aurat khilona nahi’.


The BJP has accused Mamta Banerjee’s government in West Bengal to be insensitive towards the plight of Hindus and that the Hindus have to face constant subjugation in their own state while the government remains a mute spectator.

The right wing goons have attempted to fuel communal hatred in Bengal several times. CM Mamta Banerjee has urged the people of Bengal to not fall in the trap of BJP and live in peace and harmony.

Following the recent riots in Baduria, due to “offensive” facebook” post of a Class-11 Hindu boy Souvik Sarkar, the situation is volatile in the region.

We reported the post and later facebook removed the image.



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