HC sends Notice to Arnab for illegally using Times Now’s intellectual property on his Republic TV

Does he find the government’s performance in the government so extraordinary that he has never ever criticised him? Credit: Times Now/YouTube

Delhi HC today issued a notice to Arnab Goswami and Prerna Sridevi over allegations of intellectual property theft and copyright violations. These charges were levelled against Goswami and Sridevi by BCCL (Bennett Coleman and Company Ltd.), the owner of their former employer Times Now.

As reported by live law, the court observes that “An employee has to maintain confidentiality and utmost fidelity towards his employer. Accordingly, the defendants can be restrained from breaching the contract/reproducing/incorporating/ misappropriating or misusing the trade secret or confidential information/data of the plaintiff company and using or telecasting the same as that would amount to infringement of the plaintiff’s rights”.

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Intellectual property, in this case, refers to the two tapes played by Arnab Goswami on his newly launched channel, Republic TV. One of the tapes features a conversation between Lalu Prasad Yadav and Mohammad Shahabuddin and the other one was a conversation between Sunanda Pushkar and Prerna Sridevi.


According to Times Now, both of these tapes were procured and accessed by Goswami and Sridevi while they were still in service of times now. Arnab had himself earlier accepted on TV that he was in possession of these tapes for last two years which pertains to the time when he was still working for times now.

Arnab and Sridevi were bounded by a contract signed with Times Now which prevented them from copying/reproducing any intellectual property Times Now and using it for personal purposes.

The court could only issue a notice as Times Now failed to produce a record of these tapes being their intellectual property.



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