Hindutva Fringes Abuses Kargil Martyr Daughter on Social Media for Standing Against Violence

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New Delhi : A social media campaign against ABVP in protest of violence in DU has gone viral with students from different campuses changing their profile pictures on Instagram and Facebook. The social media campaign, “I’m Not Afraid of ABVP“, has been initiated by Gurmehar Kaur, daughter of Kargil martyr Captain Mandeep Singh. Kaur was just two years old when her father was martyred.

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Gurmehar Kaur, a 20 year old Girl from Delhi who study in Lady Sriram College in Delhi has started a campaign against ABVP which has went viral, ABVP as their traditional mob justice mentality started abusing her for standing against them and standing against Nationalism crafted by ABVP.


When a martyr gives thier life for country they thinks their family will be covered by country’s  people and they will be given respect from its citizen. But here the ABVP who own the nationalist certificate has started giving anti-national tag to her.

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However, recently there was a clash between Right wings supporter ABVP and All India Student association(AISA) at Delhi university Ramjas collage, to protest against ABVP’s violence,  Gurmehar Kaur has started a Campaign  on Social Media for the rights to dissent in a Democratic country. Changing a facebook display picture with a message “I am a student from Delhi University, I’m not araid of ABVP. I am not alone, every student in india is with me #StudentsAgainstABVP” which was a very polite way of protest. But ABVP didn’t liked it and many started abusing her on facebook and twitter.

After seeing her changed DP, many students across different universities in india started changing their DP to support her campaign and stand against ABVP goons.


She was also targeted on twitter yesterday by self styled Nationalist Journalist Manak Gupta.

If Capt Mandeep Singh was alive today he would have felt proud of her daughter, but here story is different. By looking at ABVP supporter comments on his daughter facebook wall he would have disappointed for sure.

A 20 year old girl was called Anti-National just because she stood against violence which is a crime, the self styled right wing patriots who are known to drag soldiers in every issue got exposed themselves when they attacked her with the filthiest way one can imagine the.

Here are few comments which was given on her facebook post:

Chullu Bhar Pani main Doob maro, Saheed ki beti Jihadi ban gai hai.

(Go and die you shameless, a martyred daughter has turned into jihadist)

Aaj eska baap jinda hota toh sharm se mar jata.

(if her father was alive, he would have died from shame)

Gurmahar kaur nahi Kanhaiya Kumar hai

(Gur Mehar Kaur is Kanhaiya Kumar)

Tum ekdam ****** aur ***** ho.

I wanna FU** you really.

Agar tum Sikh dharm se ho to lanat hai tumhare upar.

En Gaddaron ko sath do, aur ek din aabadi badhne ke baad yahi gaddar tumko halal karnege.

Gaddar tum apne pita he sahadat ki anadar kar rhi hu.

Sare Mullon ma khushi ki lahar daur gai hai, enki behan Gurmehrina Begum enki azadi ki ladai lad rahi hai.

Goons have taken nationalist to another label with their shitting comments.

Gurmehar Kaur tweeted that she stand by her words and said, “i’m with my each and every word and am not scared of anybody.”

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The Hindutva anti-social elements wear the garb of nationalism tailored by themselves and unleash their attacks, earlier attacks were made on Shruti Setg, Neha Dhupia and Swara Bhaskar on their tweet.

Such goons makes a shield of nationalism and abuse women over social media, they don’t feel shame abusing a 20 year old girl. Their online trolls are always ready to abuse anyone who goes against their sick mentality.  They have their own  meaning of being Nationalist. They issue nationalist certificate too. Such things are happening in this era and its been allowed with some political support is danger for nation.



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