How Indian Muslims were portrayed by Media after India’s defeat against Pakistan in #CL17 Final


Just after India lost the Champion’s Trophy final against Pakistan. Fireworks could be heard in Varanasi, the Lok Sabha constituency of PM Narendra Modi. Social media was filled by local journalists labelling the clips as Indian Muslims celebrating India’s defeat.

Turns out, that those were the sounds of firecrackers lit in marriage ceremonies which is understandable, since it was a day when a number of marriages were taking place on the same day.

But with some journalists determined to run the false propoganda, the Muslims of Aligarh and few other areas were not very fortunate. The Aligarh edition of Amar Ujala, a Hindi daily, ran a news story with the headline ‘Bharat-Pak Match ki kadi paharedari, fir bhi ‘tarafdari” (Strong vigilance on Indo-Pak match, but still it (loss) was favored). The news article which was written under byline of Amar Ujala Bureau did not put any mention of ‘Tarafdari’ in the whole four column news.


It is surprising that the content of story had nothing to do with the headline, but it was filled with the false claims and the facts. The story basically goes on explaining how India lost to Pakistan but just put a sentence that “AMU se sate Ilaaqe men Patakhe Chhoote” (firecrackers burst in localities adjacent to AMU). The report (or the reporter) does not mention the name of the specific locality (or localities) where the firecrackers were heard. The news is written with the help of ‘Sources’.

Furthermore, a journalist from Lucknow Raj Singh who is one of the senior journalist of the Uttar Pradesh. He has worked in evening Hindi daily Gandeev, Dainik Jagran, IANS and now with The Pioneer in Lucknow. wrote on Facebook : “Congratulations to 20 crores Indian brothers and sisters on Pakistan’s win.” He then corrected himself in a later post and wrote : “I admit that saying 20 crore was my fault, correct would be saying 10 crore.”

When Raj Singh was questioned about his post by Two Circle Net Editor, he chose to be diplomatic. An excerpt of the confirmation.

TCN : Sir, we have came across a facebook post of yours where you Congratulated 20 crores Indian brothers and sisters on Pakistan’s win?
Raj : Yes. So?

TCN : Sir, we are wondering who are these 20 crores who should be congratulated on Pakistan’s win?
Raj : I have not written any name of something. Why you want to interpret?

TCN : But you reduced it to 10 crores in the next post?
Raj : So what you are trying to prove? It is social media. I can write anything I want. I have not hurt anyone’s sentiments.

TCN : What kind of sentiments you are referring to?
Raj : That’s not your concern.

TCN : So Sir, Can I say, on my own, that these 20 crore people are Hindus who should be congratulated on Pakistan’s win?
Raj : See, I’m not adding Hindu or Muslim here. You are doing.

TCN : Yes Sir. I said that ‘on my own’, that means can I interpret that report as this?
Raj : You are trying to find masala in this. Run the story however you want. I have not hurt any sentiments.

TCN : Again, what kind of sentiments?
Raj : Sorry mister. Do what you like. (hungs up)


The Aligarh episode does not end with newspapers carrying false stories. A writer and student of Aligarh Muslim University Sharjeel Usmani wrote on Facebook that he was contacted by a journalist to ask if there’s any celebration going on in AMU campus after Pakistan’s victory. About the incident, Sharjeel told, “She is a journalist working for India Times. Her boss is my friend and he gave her my number to call me. She asked me, yet hesitatingly, that if there is some sort of firecrackers bursted in or outside AMU after Pakistan’s victory.

“After I denied altogether of any such happening, she told me that she got the lead about the same and her editor wanted her to do the story. That’s why she called me.”

More so, several social media handles went to the extent of playing celebrations of Pakistanis after the match under the label of “Indian muslims celebrating after Pakistan’s victory”. Running such type of propoganda has become a daily routine for the media. It is deeply saddening how the basic foundation of India, ie: Unity in Diversity, is constantly attempted to be damaged sometimes by politicians and rest of the times by propoganda loving media.

Source : Two Circle Net



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