How Right Wing vilified Raheel Khurshid with Fake Propaganda

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Designating as Kashmiri journalist turned-Online activist Raheel Khursheed, now a Twitter India’s News partner, had as of now set off a tempest of dissent by conservative bloggers requesting his evacuation on the introduce that he was “Anti-Modi.”

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Once more, Raheel Khursheed has been blamed for Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s Twitter account suspension, and some are requesting that he venture down from his post.

Twitter Suspended Singer Abhijeet’s account for his amazingly sexist and disparaging tweets that hurt the feelings of different Twitter clients.


After this Sonu Nigam, who has as of now been in debate for his Azaan tweet, has likewise stopped his Twitter account faulting the Social media stage of being crooked and one-sided. The minute choice was taken. Some so-called patriots on the miniaturized scale blogging site unleashed on Raheel Khursheed, overlooking that he’s only a news accomplice at Twitter India and has no further association to suspend any Twitter user’s account.

Presently, Tapan Ghosh, founder and Head of Hindu Samiti organisation in West Bengal shared an unverified and fake image which quotes Raheel saying “Some hyper Nationalist Hindus from India are spreading hatred against Pakistan. We have suspended their twitter account. ”

To which Tapan Ghosh said,”What else can be expected from an Indian origin Muslim? Always pro Pakistani. Thanks to Raheel Khursheed for showing their true color.”

In his tweet Ghosh, covered every Indian Muslim by Saying​, “What else can be expected from an Indian origin Muslim? Always pro Pakistani.”

Here are few fake propaganda against Raheel Khurshid

One user even threatened to shoot him

The propaganda against him went so far that many believes he is head of Twitter India

Here is another tweet attacking Raheel for being associated with twitter.

Here is tweet from a well known verified user .

He was also called a Terrorist by handle named Kumar Manubrat, who claim to be a Nationalist on his twitter profile.

Raheel clarified his role with tweet, but why Raheel is feeling heat from these right wing online groups? Is this just because he belong to a community or a state which they don’t like?

There is an online petition. “Twitter ‘SACK Raheel Khursheed for suspending twitter accounts Abhijit & other Indians” floating across social media . This one has not been so popular and has only managed less than 1000 signatures. There are many such petitions which has been started on seeking removal of Raheel.


Who is Raheel Khurshid?

He is just a news partner at Twitter, if he was at position of decision making for suspending accounts he would have got his own account verified. But, his account is not yet verified. Suspension of an account is solely depends on Twitter policy and community guideline.

According to source, Twitter India is headed by Taranjeet Singh, he was elevated to the position of Country Director, India in early May 2016. But, These facts don’t really matter to few people. It is not about what role he holds but about Raheel Khursheed himself. Ever since Twitter announced the hiring of Khursheed, he has faced the right-wing backlash. As per an article in The Hindu, the storm of protest by right wingers on his joining Twitter was because he was allegedly seen as “anti-Modi,” pro-separatist, and a “Hindu-baiter.’’



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