Hyderabad: 16 yrs girl forcibly married off to 65yrs old Omani man, Mother plead to rescue back


Minor’s mother alleged her daughter was lured by victim’s father, who made a deal with the 65-year-old Omani national for Rs 5 lakh, who’s now demanding his money back if the family wants the girl back to India.

Hyderabad: In a bizarre incident, a 16-year-old minor girl was allegedly forced to marry a 65-year-old man from Oman. The girl’s mother, Sayeeda Unnisa, Nawab Saheb Kunta area, Hyderabad lodged a complaint with police, on Wednesday, pleading the girl be brought back to India from Muscat.


Sayeeda alleged that her husband Sikander and his sister Ghousia are responsible for getting the girl married to the sheikh. She said she was not willing to marry her daughter to the sheikh, but Sikander bribed a Qazi to perform this forced wedding at a hotel at Barkas in June.

Minor’s mother Sayeeda stated that the Omani sheikh claimed he had bought the girl for Rs 5 lakh, the amount he said was paid to her husband Sikander. He agreed to send back the girl only if the amount is paid. Sikander allegedly had lured the minor girl by showing the videos about a lavish lifestyle she might lead in Oman if she married the sheikh.

Following marriage, the sheikh had stayed at a hotel for four days with his minor bride and then left her at the house of Sikander at Teegalkunta. Later Sikander arranged passports and other documents for the girl to fly to Oman. Sayeeda Unnisa told that she was being threatened when she asked Sikander to get her daughter back. She pleaded to ACP, Falaknuma, Mohd Tajuddin Ahmed to bring back her daughter and book the culprits.

The nexus of contractual marriages mainly of minor girls from poor families to Arab Sheikhs by Qazis or distant relatives is rampant. These sheikhs come to the city to find ‘suitable’ brides after paying amounts ranging from Rs 10,000 to lakhs of rupees.




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