Hyderabad : Heena On Hands And Mangalsutra In Neck At The Age Of Schooling


Hyderabad : Tradition still sways on the minds of the people. They grab hold of what is not worth suitable for them. But under pressure of irrational beliefs and convictions, they commit a big mistake conscientiously or conscientiously. When the world is progressing on scientific thoughts, such off beam notions leave us at puzzling situation leading only to ignominy in every way.


No matter how bad people will think of the teenagers’ behaviour has been this will prove to be not so sensible and practical. This is a rock-solid decision on their parents’ part and definitely raised more eyebrows.

This story exposed by NDTV brings their plans of marriage in view of a doctrine believed to have divine authority though not in the scriptures, in particular.
Such is an example is found in the case of Hyderabad teenagers who were not even adults in order to solemnise their marriage.

Revealing their points of views they stated that both of them did not desire to get married as their main focus was to continue the education of their peer group.But their families thought it better to get them wedded in a short simple ceremony at Hyderabad.

Lawful age for a girl’s marriage is 18 years and for boys is 21 years but they remained only 15 and 13 respectively. When their case was brought to the attention of the authorities concerned, the children were moved to the child protection homes and a case has been registered under Prevention of Child Marriage Act.

On being questioned the parents maintained that they were only following traditions and they were doing nothing wrong in spite of the laws going against such norm. “It is our family tradition. We have studied the ancient Vedas and that is what is prescribed. We followed it and end up here”, said Anjaneya Sharma.

While bride’s father Ramesh Sharma lamented that they were being punished for the children. “We upheld Hindu traditions and you brought us to police station from the temple”, added the girl’s father.

Considering the status of this reported matter, Achyuta Rao, a member of the Child Right’s Commission stressed that it was not because of the poverty but superstition. The girl is not even mature they believe superstitiously it will bring them prosperity.

Undeniably, 13-year-old Shruti (Name Changed) is now a wife of 15-year-old Aditya (Name Changed). Her hands glisten with intricate orange patterns of Henna and she puts on a Mangalsutra beads around her neck which confirm her marriage. This age when she has to attend to her schools home works has to undergo with the burden of the household responsibilities.

The effect of this act is intensely bad. They desired to show as if they were not at faults, however thoughtfully, that they can afford to flatter or to let it lengthen alone without anyone’s help. Such an issue sends a very peculiar message to acknowledge.



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