I Am Against Those Who Talk Of Throwing Shoes on PM Modi After 50 Days : Ravish Kumar

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New Delhi : Ravish Kumar on his blog today wrote that he is Against Those Who Talk Of Throwing Shoes on PM Modi After 50 Days on Modi’s  ‘Chaoraha’ comment, when Modi addressed to a public gathering in Goa has said,”Give me 50 days and if i fail, i will come to any Chaoraha for whatever punishment you decide “.

Watch PM Modi full statement:

Ravish Kumar is known for his gentle and neutral reporting, As deadline approaches to 50 days and Modi promised to come to any Chaoraha. Trolls on social media has brought ‘Shoes’ in ‘Chaoraha’ comment on Modi which Kumar didn’t liked it. While writing on his blog he wrote.


PM Modi said about punishing on any Chaoraha, but i don’t know from where ‘Shoes’ came in this discussion and many trolls are ready with shoes on social media. I went on watching Modi’s full speech of Goa to find if there is shoes remark in it, but didn’t find shoes anywhere then from where this has come. This is why I re-heard what the PM had said in his speech. He did not mention shoes at all. Then how are people talking about shoes as a means to “justice” at the end of 50 days? That too while speaking about the Prime Minister? Kumar wrote.

While digging into Modi’s ‘Chaoraha’ comment Kumar wrote, let me also say that the Prime Minister’s speech itself is problematic: he speaks about punishment being done at a public square after 50 days, which could be interpreted to mean that the PM is endorsing extremist mentality as constitutionally valid only mob thinks of giving punishment at a public squire(Chaoraha). It could be that this is the kind of punishment that comes to his mind when he thinks about those who oppose him, which is why he accidentally spoke like this. In our thoughts, we often unconsciously hold words or idioms based in society’s feudal mindset. If you investigate stories about hitting someone with a shoe, you will find that this sort of language was used only by those who were upper-caste. And this was done only against the Dalits or weaker sections of society. Hitting someone with a shoe is the language of hate. I hate the language of hate as much as I hate the politics of hate. At an event in Delhi, I too had once said in jest that shoes will be thrown. I requested the organiser to ensure that my comment was removed. I was not proud of my language.


By taking an strong stand against beating with shoes Kumar said “Hitting with shoes to anyone at public squire is against our constitution”, we have courts which decide punishment. Just as this part of the PM’s speech is undemocratic and feudal, the language of his critics referring to this excerpt on social media is also becoming undemocratic and feudal. When there was no mention of shoes in PM Modi speech, why did the thought of shoes arise? Pictures of shoes are being shared on Facebook and Twitter. It is being stated on social media that “50 days are coming to an end, on which Public squire we have come with shoes ?” Do those who oppose him also secretly hold the desire to become part of or lead the baying crowd? Many people are writing again and again that “the shoes are ready, please let us know where we should we meet you.”

Kumar wrote, Go ahead and make fun of the PM or any leader, criticize him and his work when needed, perhaps even take a dig at him, but stay away from the thought of throwing shoes. This I am not saying out of reverence for the post of the Prime Minister. I am against the cheap mentality of throwing shoes on anybody as a means of punishment. The language of our democracy should be such as weakest in our society should feel safe. Critics also have another duty – that of introducing alternative ideas.

By the way, this is not first time such throwing shoes as punishment has come. A few days ago, BJP Union Minister, Kiren Rijiju, was accused of recommending that payments be cleared in Arunachal Pradesh to someone allegedly involved in a scam. When Mr Rijiju was questioned by reporters outside the Home Ministry in New Delhi, this was his response: “Who is planting this news? If they go there (Arunachal Pradesh), they will be beaten with shoes.”

Read Kumar’s full Blog here 


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