“I don’t speak to BJP funded comedy channels”, Umar Khalid to Republic TV


Umar Khalid, from Jawaharlal Nehru University, who came to lime light after the alleged anti-national slogans raised in JNU campus, however the video were later found as doctored video by forensic department .


In his tweets on 26 July, Umar asked the reporters of Republic TV not to call him or approach him. Further, he said that he does not want to talk to BJP funded Comedy Channels. Earlier Umar reportedly had said about placing the tank in JNU campus and Republic TV reporters wanted to interview him over the same.

Umar Khalid claims that repeated phone calls by the reporters of Republic TV troubled him a lot and was like harassing him. He then took the matter to Twitter to respond as “The head of the Republic TV, tell your reporters that they do not call me repeatedly, I do not talk to the comedy channels running with BJP’s charity.  I hope you will be grateful.”

Recently Congress disallowed reporters of Republic TV in an AICC press brief:

Recently Congress denied permission to the reporters of Republic TV to enter the office of ‘AICC’ for the press release. Republic TV’s reporters barred from ‘AICC’ Congress office, says we do not answer the questions of the dishonest.

Source & Photo Credit: Jansatta



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