“If Soldiers can stand…” went horribly wrong at ATM when a Modi Bhakt said that to army veteran

“If Soldiers can stand on borders, why can’t you stand in bank/ATM queues?”

This sentence is familiar to everyone who is active on social media, anyone who had opposed demonetisation or to stand in queues for long hours to deposit their hard earned money or to withdraw from ATM queues.

This sentence comes as if someone is trying hard to portray you as an anti-national. The fact is everyone has right to give their opinion in any democratic country but these days if you express your opinion which is opposite to the Right Wing Ultra Nationalist Patriots then they try everything to shut your mouth, no matter how irrational, illogical or naive they may sound.


But this time,  when a ‘patriot’ used “If Soldiers can stand..” in real life, he got a befitting reply.  Retired Lt Col Darshan Dhillon was standing in a long ATM queue, and he was feeling irritated by the mismanagement and expressed his inconvenience, but suddenly a person behind  him said

Why are you perturbed? Think about soldiers who are standing for 20 hours on borders!

This might have shocked the veteran, and he gave a befitting reply!

I have did that for 20 years on border and now I am trying to withdraw my pension money, you must show your deshbhakti (patriotism) by asking PM Modi to provide us OROP instead of providing me Patriotic Certificates

We do not know what happened next as Lt Col Dhillon has not mentioned any further. But we are sure,  that Modi bhakt might have learned a lesson for life.



I was standing in long ATM Q and getting irritated on mismanagement. The fellow modi bhakt behind gave me a quick…

Posted by Darshan Dhillon on Saturday, November 26, 2016

Original post from Lt Col Facebook


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