‘If you can lynch for Gaiyya (Cow), why not protect Maiyya (Mother)?’ says this Artist


Mumbai: Following the rise in attacks by cow vigilantes, a photographer has started a project of taking photographs of women wearing cow masks.

Photographer Sujatro Ghosh who was concerned about the women’s safety in India , he says “People are getting lynched in this country to protect cows. But women’s safety is neglected and violence against women is rising. If we can protect cows, then why not women? I hope people get the message and realise we need to protect women with at least as much zeal as we protect cows.”

Ghosh imported this cow mask from United state and started taking photographs of his friends and family wearing cow masks initially. After he uploaded these photographs on instagram, he is now flooded with offers from women across the nation to pose for his photographs. He has decided to take the project across India with the help of crowd funding.

He has also been receiving death threats from unknown callers, since he has posted these pictures and its went viral.



Here is what he wrote :

My art comes as a form of protest.
In my country Cows are more important than a woman’s life with more security. (Reference: Majority of Hindus believe cow as their holy animal and they worship it though Majority of Muslims consume it as a part of their daily meal.) The debate is never ending “Whether to consume or worship it” but gaining political benefits out of it is wrong. Why not let the people decide what they want to consume.

I will be photographing women from different parts of the society.

I would be more than happy if you reach out to me and want to get photographed or maybe join this form of protest. (Unable to disclose name for security reasons) says : “The mask instils a feeling of closure in the world of creepy gazes and lewd comments. This makes me feel empowered and safe. Empowered because I can raise my voice against these political miscreants and safe because it conceals my identity.”



Picture Source : Sujatro Ghosh



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