Indian Embassy in Oman asked Companies to send workers to Modi’s Mega Event


The three-nation trip to Palestine, Oman and UAE will be an address to the Indian expatriates in Oman. The Indian Embassy organizing a mega community program in Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex and is also expecting to assemble a huge crowd. Indian media headlines have already informed us that “PM Narendra Modi to address record crowd of NRIs in Muscat on February 11.”

In Oman’s population the Indians consists of 20% and one wouldn’t expect the attendance to such an event to be a problem but it seems the Indian Embassy is taking no chances and apart from open online registration for the event via its website, the Embassy has issued appeals to large companies employing Indians to “spare their employees” for half a day to participate in the event. Herein the Indian embassy didn’t stopped, they also issued letter to companies employing a large Indian workforce, the Indian Embassy has specified the number of people they expect the company to send. This is not enough, there is a further request that 80 percent of the number must be blue-collared workers and Optics are important and it seems that the audience composition has been carefully planned.

The companies being generous requested to arrange fir transport facilities to the group attending the event otherwise how else would the blue-collared workers make it to the venue? Arrangements have been made to bring them in by bus loads. They get half a day off and the Embassy gets a captive audience to listen to the Prime Minister. It’s a win-win for all.

The Indian Ambassador in Oman reads the letter, “The Embassy of India in Muscat has always been rendering full cooperation to your company and I request and hope to receive your full cooperation in arranging participation of your employees in the above Community Event” We are sure this little nudge for “cooperation” will go a long way in ensuring that a record crowd turns up to listen to the Prime Minister.

The Alt News was sent a copy of the letter by the employee of a company in Oman where the Alt News verified the contents with other Muscat based Indians who confirmed that their companies also got similar letters.

Additionally Indian schools in Muscat have made arrangements to transport students from grade 6-12 to the event.
Messages were also sent to parents over WhatsApp informing them about the said event.

Its been claimed that the stadium can seat up 34,000 people and looking at these event management efforts of the Embassy, we will be surprised at anything less than a full-house.


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