Indian Woman Abused, Raped by Her Husband in Australia, Ajaz Khan Comes for Support


Dilpreet Kaur, a young lady who married through shaadi Dot com reveals the brutality she underwent because of her husband and in-laws. She reached out to Bollywood actor Ajaz Khan for help.

Dilpreet Kaur got married to Gurmukh Singh Chawla through online matrimonial site and suffered a lot by the brutality she underwent because of her husband and in-laws. Gurmukh originally a resident from Kanpur, who recently shifted to Australia has been a brute in Dilpreet’s life since after marriage.

These three years of marriage she has seemed to have experienced hell on earth. Dilpreet claims that her husband used to tie her up and beat her, which has no place in a developed society. She was raped by her husband and his friends and also by her husband’s brother-in-law she revealed. As a result, of being raped by different people every night, she had developed infections, which was ignored by her husband and was given no medical assistance.


Even after all these inhumane cruelty Dilpreet experienced, she still held courage to run away from the her husband’s house and bring all the brutality she was subjected to through a YouTube channel of “Ajaz Khan”.

In growing digitisation, Most of the online matrimonial sites, these days let people enrol without proper Documentation or investigation, they lets the people create their accounts in the websites with irrelevant information that they provide. This is an ongoing issue of how people suffer and are manipulated by the false information provided which comes to light only after marriage.

Watch her Video here:



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