Infants dies in Ahmedabad Hospital but PM Modi says Karnataka crying for development


PM Modi said in a Party worker meet in Karnataka that ‘I am sure people here desperately want to join the long list of BJP-ruled states which have witnessed leap and bounds progress.

According to PM Modi only developed state is Gujarat, were 18 infant died in Ahmedabad hospital in last 48 hours, The Irony is PM Modi made this statement for Karnataka which comes after this incident.


Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah took to Twitter to respond to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim that people Karnataka are “eager to join other states in the country, which are far ahead in terms of development” with states and data.

In a series of tweets defending Karnataka’s figures in development indices including the GDP, fiscal deficit and farmer loans, Siddaramaiah said that the state prioritises empowerment and development of people over politics of rhetoric.


However, Twitter users were quick to point out that the state ranked eighth in terms of per capita income, eighth on the Human Development Index, seventh in terms of urbanisation, sixth in terms of infrastructure published by Mint and fourth in the public affairs index.

Others including Nitin Pai, director of Takshashila Foundation, Rohin Dharmakumar, Co-founder of The Ken, also questioned the veracity of Modi’s statements.

Sadanand Dhume, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, sarcastically applauded UP’s healthcare and said that people in Bengaluru were moving to Patna in droves

Here is List of Tweet with fact check.

With Karnataka’s state elections coming up in seven months, the war of words between political leaders in the state is only beginning to heat up. BJP appears to have resorted to the development card while campaigning for votes in Karnataka with Prime Minister Narendra Modi leading the way in claiming that the people of Karnataka are crying for development.

PM Modi had landed in a controversy last year,when he compared Kerala to Somalia. In an election rally he had said, “The situation with the child death ratio among Scheduled Tribes in Kerala is scarier than even Somalia. Recently, one came across a tragic picture in the media.

Source : TNM




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