Inside Story Uncovered : Communal Violence in Saharanpur, Sambhal and Now in Jamshedpur

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Inside Story Uncovered : Saharanpur

Communal Violence erupted on Shobha Yatra

  • A report published in The Hindu clearly says that the Dalits of the village had objected to some Hindutva groups trying to organise a separate rally. A letter written by the Ambedkar Sewa Samiti to various administrative officials said that Dalits had already held a “vichar goshti” (seminar) on April 14, the day celebrated as Ambedkar Jayanti, and that it did not intend to organise any other programme.
  • Group or People from other village had asked for permission but the same was denied to carry Shobha Yatra. Villagers, of Sadak Dhudhli Village, did not seek any permission.
  • Then SSP, Luv Kumar, and his team was having the idea of such mischief and so he denied permission to BJP MP.
  • BJP MP Raghav Lakhanpal Sharma led his loyalists to carry the Shobha Yatra across the muslim majority area but SSP had again denied him permission and then BJP MP had led the mob to his residence and incited them to vandalise the place. The police officer’s family was still inside the house and in a state of panic when this happened. The mob vandalised the property and broke the nameplate and CCTV cameras installed outside the SSP’s house.
  • SSP had named BJP MP in the FIR and then he got transferred.
  • It was a clear indication of infusing disturbance between Dalit & Muslim Community. But facts broke out on time.

Note : National Dastak has done a commendable reporting throughout and distilled the facts. Must Read National Dastak Report.


Communal Violence erupted on Maharana Pratap Yatra

  • Around 20-25 youths of upper caste Thakur community from Shabbirpur village were on their way to Simlana village under Badgaon police station to take part in a function to garland the statue of Rajput warrior-king Maharana Pratap, when the Dalit locals objected to the loud music being played by them.
  • A stone hit a 25-year-old Thakur man fatally. His death further enraged the community and more Thakurs from neighbouring villages gathered at Shabirpur and set at least 25 Dalit houses on fire.
  • Dalits community have said to ground reporter that police inaction is basically behind the hue & cry. Police could have easily avoid such a loss.
  • As reported by the ABP Live, SDM & Police have accused each other of not curbing the violence.


Inside Story Uncovered : Violence led a specific community to move to outskirts.

  • News broke out that a community boy had taken away the married girl of another community.
  • According to ground reports, the angry girl’s family kept boy’s mother in her house overnight. Although family later let the mother gone and
  • Soon after, next day, houses were set on fire in Nandroli village of Gunnaur area of ​​Sambhal.
  • Police inaction was reported.

Inside Story Uncovered : 7 lynched on suspicion of being child kidnappers in Jamshedpur

  • Rumors are spreading through Whatapps.
  • Four persons were brutally beaten to death yesterday in Jamshedpur over rumours of being child kidnappers.
  • Suspecting them to be child kidnappers, the villagers attacked them and also vandalised their car.
  • In second incident, three were lynched merely on suspicion of being child kidnappers.
  • A 75 year old lady was also suspected to be lynched through unconfirmed reports.
  • Police have acknowledged that some groups are spreading false rumors and no such activity is found in actual.

A team led by Vilas Kharat has reached on ground zero and even started his reporting. Ke keeps meeting with local people for in depth analysis.


जमशेद नगर में आज सवेरे ही पहुँच गया हूं ।जमशेदपुर से 30 किलो मीटर के अंतर पर है ।18 मई को 4 मुस्लिम नवजवानों की…

Posted by Vilas Kharat on Saturday, May 20, 2017

Ground Reporting by NDTV has displayed “How an organised venture is spreading the violence” How such a violence is scaled up on merely whatapp group.


Posted by Vilas Kharat on Friday, May 19, 2017

Two more videos have reported as below.

IOI Comment : Communal Violence are mostly or as a whole are pre-planned and pre-meditated. They are raised to fulfill the goals of their agendas. As a responsible citizen, i would request you, do not get trapped in their agendas. You just need to pass the humors unheard. This way we can avoid losses and save humanity. This is not about one community. All should come together and your inaction towards them will help you keeping the humanism alive.



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