Interesting : How some retailers manage to continue business without payment


Kanpur: Our feeling for chilly weather and pervading fog is particularly poignant and typical. Nature is brewing on a large scale as the daily temperature is going down. However, there is a boon in demonetisation decision. The small shopkeepers, fortunately, received their ‘dead’ money which they could not visualise to obtain in their life.

This was considerably sufficient amount if its total was calculated. If the government took this step just to cleanse the black money from circulation, the shopkeepers are praising the policy makers for helping them recover their gone balance.


Generally the small shopkeepers, in order to raise their sale, feel no fear of extending daily use items to the customers on balance knowingly construct a risky business. They do not know when will they receive money but they remain confident of getting the balance amounts from trusted customers as soon they get their remunerations. In the case of mounting balance, they begin to realise something precarious and their confidence also loses hope. But suddenly demonetisation came as a solution to their problem.

The customers themselves paid the balance in the form of the scrapped currency as was told by a small shopkeeper maintain his shop in Ram Rai Sarai ( Sarriaya) locality here.
What they never thought was obtained by them excitedly. Venting his happiness over this miracle another small shopkeeper told that the balance on one customer totalled rupees four thousand minimally.


The numbers of such purchasers were surely not scant. As their minds were gripped with the devaluation of those currency notes they forwarded the payments without second thoughts.
Accepting the troubles caused to the public owing to this move a group of such small shop runners agreed that their balances were recovered by just one stroke of the present government at the centre. Had demonetisation not announced they would have been cursing their fate for the money? One among them revealed that this drive was helpful in one sense but our daily business had still not picked up that graph of sale which he used to find prior to the notes-ban.

For them, no dream would have given them a more natural pleasure than such tremendous achievement of procuring the dead money from the customers. It is none other than our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asserted that the demonetisation decision since the day one was benefitting the people.
But opposition parties are not supporting his move. There is a good reason for creating furore as they have developed a tendency to criticise things to an extensive level. So, they were commonly occupied in criticising the demonetisation decision. For them, there is nothing poorer than their criticism, nothing more selfish than their denials to the ruling party’s moves.

It was only a kind of uncontrollable honesty that goaded them into urging the other part. They had shown how good irresponsibility could be. They could not stoop to cover how dire it could be. In venturing something they endeavoured something with a tiny and trivial meaning.


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