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Introduction : ‘Irony of India‘ (IoI) is fast growing name on web world. With it’s over 120,000 fans on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and other various social media, IoI has successfully reached millions of audiences who love satire, humour, politics and current affairs.

Our team actively provide our audience what they love the most – humour – which reaches thousands of people around the world everyday.

Over 10 millions views on videos every month 

Averagely we upload almost 25-30 videos every month on our Facebook page which manages to get over 10 millions views.

Videos views count every month.

Most videos gets viral every month

We try our best to attract audiences with hitting headlines, most of the videos on our page gets 1.2 million – 200 thousands views.

Most viewed videos in last 30 days

Active audience based page
Our facebook page is one of the most active page when compared with similar amount of likes based pages. Videos and articles posted on our page recorded 2 millions engagements per week.

Reach and engagement on the videos

Global audience reach 

Our Facebook page has audiences from across the globe.

Location and language of our audience

How we can make your contents reach to maximum audience? 

We will create an article on our website about your content with unique ‘click bait’ method in which we can briefly explain about the video and attach the video stream to watch.

For example

Do watch Trevor Noah’s hilarious take on India’s unpopular demonetisation and National Anthem

Beside this we can share your video directly on Facebook page.

Advertising with us

We also advertise websites banners, ads and promotional products.

For more information email us at ironyofindia@outlook.com


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