‘Is it best time to express your thoughts?’ : RJ Sayema asks through her poem


We, as a nation, are going through tough times. Incidents laced with worst kinds of inhumanities have become order of the day. However much we like, we can’t directly address them. But we can speak up. However I am being told time and again that these are not the best times to ‘express your views’. People who care for you keep warning you of the times we live in.

Words are weapons. But today I am being told they can backfire in the worst possible ways. Will all this really silence me? Well… can’t stay away from my being, can I?


You can kill my voice

Silence my words

Threaten my conscience

But you can’t stifle

The flames of my belief

The lamp of my hope

The torch of humanity

I will lose my life alright

But I will be Alive

Death will come by

But my eyes will not be shut


“नहीं मार सकते तुम ”

आवाज़ दबा सकते हो

शब्द मार सकते हो

ज़मीर को धमका सकते हो

मगर नहीं बुझा  सकते तुम

ईमान की आग

उम्मीद का दीपक

इंसानियत की मशाल

जान ही तो जाएगी

ज़िंदा फिर भी रहेंगे

मर भी जाएंगे तो

खुली रहेंगी आँखें



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