#JaahilPMModi Started Trending on Twitter, After Today’s Parliamentary Speech of PM Modi,


New Delhi : PM Modi appeared in parliament today also, and targeted Congress on not allowing him to discuss on Demonetisation.

#JaahilPMModi was a trending topic on twitter today after Modi’s attack on former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Modi started his speech in a filmy action and said “Sheher tumhara,qaatil tum, shahid tum, haakim tum, mujhe yaqeen hai ki mera hi kasoor niklega“.


PM Modi attacks Manmohan Singh, Indira Gandhi in Parliament, Enraged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, bathroom remark on his predecessor Manmohan Singh, Congress parliamentarians walked out of Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. “For almost 35 years, Manmohan Singh had a lot of influence on the country’s economic policies… So many scams but not a stain on him. Only Manmohan Singh knows the art of ‘bathing’ wearing a raincoat,” Modi had said.

Yesterday also Modi mocked and used parliament as his election field, his full speech on 1 hours 27 minute was like an speech at some election rally, yesterday he targeted Rahul Gandhi and he stated Earthquake as “Dharti Maa” was upset thats why earthquake occurred.

He also said, while talking on demonetisation he said “its good to have operation when you feel healthy”, this was also mocked across social media.

Here is Social media Reaction :




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