Jharkhand : Congress leader Shankar Yadav killed in bomb blast


On Tuesday evening, in Jharkhand’s Koderma district the Congress leader was killed in a bomb blast.

According to the police, the victim was Shankar Yadav, Koderma District President of the Congress party, when he was travelling in his vehicle. With the blast the driver and the bodyguard have been seriously injured. The police also added that the Congress leader was travelling to Chandwara when a car laden with explosives exploded as his vehicle passed by leading to sudden death of congress leader and others admitted in hospital. In the same way, last year, Yadav survived an attack when he sustained bullet injuries.

The Chandwara police station in-charge Soni Pratap said “The Koderma superintendent of police has ordered an investigation into the incident. A forensic team has also been put into action,”

Although police said Shankar was embroiled in a dispute with a business partner, they refused to jump to conclusions this early in the investigation. “Lambu Khan, the main accused in the previous attack on Shankar, is already in jail,” said Pratap.


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