Journalism Student Girl Received Death Threats for a Critic Post on BJP


New Delhi : Sushmita Sinha, a journalism student from Delhi recently faced the wrath of one BJP supporter for daring to criticize and raise her voice against the said party. The threats commenced after BJP’s massive victory in Uttar Pradesh to which Sushmita put up several Facebook posts, critically analysing the saffron party.

Sushmita Sinha Facebook Image

According to a facebook post by Sushmita Sinha from Patna (Bihar) who is studying Journalism in Delhi, she has received death threat calls for criticising BJP’s Policy. A long lost friend named Anish Jha decided to take action against the so called ‘sickular’ by sending her multiple text messages and calls of threat. Although she’d known the caller for the past three years, his response to her political views against BJP took her by surprise.


This is not the  first time when a girl facing such threat calls, last month GurMehar Kaur a Delhi University girl had also faced similar death and threat messages for standing against ABVP violence , which is also a student wings of BJP-RSS.

Sushmita Sinha’s post went viral on Social Media after facebook removed her below post, in her post she had just shared what occurred with her, we are not sure which community standard violations made Facebook to remove her post from facebook.

Check her Removed Post :

Shushma wrote on her facebook post, that in the wake of BJP winning UP assembly election. Anish not only threatened to kill Sushmita, but also threatened to kill two of her Muslim friends.

King Anish Jha (Anish Jha’s personal number is 98xx4441148) is constantly abusing and threatening me for being a BJP critic. Despite of abusing me he is also taking names of my Muslim friends and giving threats to beat them up and send all the “mullas” out of this country. He said he will come to Delhi between 1st to 6th May and kill us“. She had also added audio recording link in her post.

Listen Audio :  (Warning Abusive Language )

Copy of Complain :

She has filed a complain in Commission for women, According to report no action has been taken so far on her complain.

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