Karnataka : Cattle trader found dead, family accuses local Bajrang Dal activists


Karnataka : On wednesday, Jokkatte, Dakshina Kannada district, a 61-year-old cattle trader Hussainabba, died in mysterious circumstances near Perdoor in Udupi district.

“Two years ago, Bajrang Dal activists had attacked Hussainabba, tied him up and made him drink cow urine” Relative of Hussainabba alleges. (Photo : The Hindu)

Certainly the relatives of the cattle trader having some assurance and alleged that the trader was murdered by Bajrang Dal activists and have filed a police complaint. However, there are contradictory versions on the circumstances leading to Hussainabba’s death.

According to the police’s investigation, acting on a tip-off that cattle were being transported illegally, a police team rushed to Shenarbettu near Perdoor at around 5 a.m. to intercept the vehicle. The driver began driving the vehicle rashly from Shenarbettu to Perdoor and lost control, causing it to skid off the road. The occupants ran off in all directions. The vehicle did not have a number plate.

While investigation when searched vehicle they allegedly found 11 calves jammed inside. A cow and a calf were found dead. The Police said, at around 11 a.m., the police got a call saying that a man was found dead near Shenarbettu. The person, Hussainabba, was then rushed to the Kasturba Hospital in Manipal.

With the incident, Hussainabba’s relatives gave statements, Shekunhi, the victim’s brother-in-law and a resident of Jokkatte, told presspersons outside the KMC Hospital mortuary here that it was a gang of Bajrang Dal activists who had stopped the vehicle, and they were responsible for the trader’s death. Hussainabba had been in the trade for over 35 years.

Speaking to reporters, Hussainabba’s brother-in-law said, “Hussainabba has been doing cattle business for the past 35 years. The locals too used to contact him whenever they needed to buy or sell cattle. Last night too he went about his business as usual. When the police waylaid the vehicle, he reversed the car. There are injuries on his head and eyes as well as legs, which indicate that he might have been assaulted”.

All the six occupants in the vehicle ran away. “But later, Hussainabba was found dead. This is because he was murdered by them (Bajrang Dal activists),” he alleged.


With certain questions, Mr. Shekunhi said that about two years ago, Bajrang Dal activists had attacked Hussainabba, tied him up and made him drink cow urine. Hussainabba had a heart problem. He said, “It is possible that he fell while fleeing from the area. Bajrang Dal activists are responsible for it.”

M.A. Gafoor, secretary of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee, said there were marks near the eyes and leg of Hussainabba leading to the suspicion of assault. The truth would come out only through a thorough probe.

The Superintendent of Police Laxman Nimbargi, said a case of cattle theft had been registered at the Hiriyadka police station. However, since the relatives of the deceased had given another version of events, a case of murder has also been registered.

Sources : The Hindu 


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