Karni Sena Promised not to protest and apologies to Police after arrest in Chhattisgarh


Karni Sena apologies to police after arrest and write a letter seeking pardon in Chhattisgarh .Karni Sena and it’s goons have created mayhem across many cities .They have indulged in stone throwing ,burnt buses and even attacked school bus but the authorities in many BJP ruled states have failed to take strict action against them .Chattisgarh police have rightly handled the goons of Karni Sena .

After the SC order allowing the release of movie,Karni Sena held protest on 24 January .When the protest turned violent the police lathi charged them and arrested some members of the Sena .The strict police action had it’s effect and the Karni Sena members not only begged for mercy but also wrote a letter asking for pardon .The prompt action of police resulted in peaceful screening of the film in 37 theatres without any protest . This clearly shows that if the police take strict action against vandals ,law and order can be maintained .


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