Kasganj violence where both communities wanted to celebrate but violence was the ending


On the day of Republic day itself, altercation then violence took place between two communities leading to communal riot. The senior police officers witnessed the incident and told to The Sunday Express that, “Tiranga Yatra” on motorcycles entered Baddu Nagar in Kasganj, triggering a communal clash, where the residents of the Muslim-dominated locality had arranged chairs on the road and were getting ready to hoist the Tricolour on Republic Day.”

However the members of the rally wanting to create the chaos demanded to remove the chairs so that they can pass on. The resident as well as an advocate named Mohammed Munazir Rafi said that, “They were shouting slogans, we requested them to let our celebrations finish first. But they were adamant and did not leave. He also said that he has contributed 200 rs for republic day celebration. The Indian express reported from IGP Dhruva Kant Thakur on monday morning told that, “Members of the Muslim community were about to hoist the national flag when the incident took place.”

The rally members started shouting on the residents that “Bike toh yahin se jayegi (The bikes will pass through here).” A flag pole can be seen nearby. Rafi said that ” In the morning, I left home to attend the flag-hoisting ceremony at Kasganj court. When I returned, chairs had been arranged on the road for the Republic Day programme in our locality. Suddenly, a group of around 50-60 people arrived on bikes and started demanding that the chairs be removed.

They were also shouting slogans.” And as the group was been refused to do the altercation and fight began and with this Rafi also added that “We asked them to join the celebration. But many people had gathered and soon, there was some pushing and shoving. Then they left their bikes here and went away. I called the Kasganj police station, and apprised them of the situation when they arrived 25 minutes later,”

This incident also led to the shooting incident in which a 28-year-old man was killed said by SP Pavitra Mohan tripathi.

An elderly resident with fear said, ” The situation could have been sorted out but it ended in a big problem.”

Rafi concluding says that last year also on Independence Day occasion same rally was been took but but there was no problem as we had not put out chairs at that time. We are deshbhakts, and now we are being portrayed as deshdrohis. In the end, because of this situation, we could not hoist the Tricolour on Janaury 26.”


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