Kerala : 23 Yrs Old Woman Chopped Off Swami’s Manhood, Alleges He Raped For 7 Years


Women In Kerala Against The Pedophile Swami The atrocious act which was going through eight long year got an ordeal today by the audacious girl studying law in Kerala. The pseudo “swami” named person alleged for the constant rape of a girl since she was sixteen year old.


A 23 year old woman staying in kollam, Kerala; got an ordeal after eight long year of rape by a pseudo swami being a paedophile plus rapist and adding to it she was being raped by that swami since she was 16 year old. The accused identified as Swami Ganeshananda, or Hari swami, 54 year old, as he is also known as, is a member of the Panmana Ashram in Kollam. The courageous act by the girl for self-defence made her to chop the genitals of the rapist and immediately called out police and now he has been admitted in Thiruvananthapuram Medical College hospital in a critical condition. Doctors who conducted an emergency surgery on him said the gentiles cannot be surgically reattached.

Sparjan Kumar, Trivandrum City police commissioner said that the swami abused the woman in several ways. “The swami was close to the family and would often come to their home. The woman didn’t tell her parents because she thought no one would believe her. But when he tried to abuse her again on Friday, she cut off his private parts, ran out and called the police,” he said. The girl has told the police that the swami would come to their home to meet her mother and whenever he got the opportunity, he would allegedly rape her.


The police have registered a case against the godman for rape and under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. The swami’s statement is yet to be recorded. The godman, in an effort to cover up his crime, reportedly told the police that he himself cut off his organs and that he wasn’t attacked by anyone. The cops who have shifted the victim to a shelter home isn’t buying his version of the story.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan reacted to the incident and said that it was brave of her to take such a step. “It’s a courageous and strong act by the woman,” he said. Prameela Devi, member of the Kerala State Women’s Commission, said such an act is unacceptable. People like these are supposed to be role models not rapists, Ms Devi added.

Source : India Today


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