Kerala CM Vijayan Slams RSS, Accuses RSS of Radicalising Kids And Youths to Kill


Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday alleged the RSS of imparted to students and children the training “to kill” during its drill exercise in the state, a charge dismissed by the RSS.

Thiruvananthapuram , Kerala : Kerala’s CM Pinarayi Vijayan has charged RSS with serious allegation that RSS is imparting to students and children the radicalised training with its drill exercise in the state, “Even students and children are given training to kill” Vijayan alleged while replying in the assembly during question hour, reported Hindustan Times.

The government would take necessary steps to end the drill exercise of RSS”, he said. ”The different levels of RSS leadership are responsible. They also have several safe houses in Kerala and outside for hiding the culprits,” he alleged.

Pinarayi Vijayan told the Assembly that when a child joins RSS, neither his humanity nor his cultural consciousness gets enhanced. ”The biggest allegation is that it drains out his humanity,” Vijayan said while replying to questions by MLA John Fernandez about RSS activities in Kerala.


Though RSS has rejected the allegations and slammed back saying that using the assembly form to “insult” the functions of RSS was an act of “cowardice.”

According to reports, State Senior RSS leader P Gopalankutty Master said the outfit rejected the statement of Vijayan with contempt and asked the chief minister to desist from making such comments in the floor of the House under the cover of immunity.

 “RSS was an outfit that functions as per law and not on the mercy and favours of any governments.” said Gopalankutty.

CM Vijayan also alleged that the drill exercises were being carried out in government schools and in temple premises and this would not be allowed. Referring to the recent killing of a Madrasa teacher in Kasargod, Vijayan alleged it was a part of a preplanned attack by RSS and their aim was to trigger communal riot. RSS attacked several CPI(M) and Congress workers in the state, he said in the assembly.


The murderers did not have any enmity toward the victim. So the intention was clearly to trigger communal riots,” Vijayan said.

Gopalan Kutty Master said “RSS never indulged in unlawful activities. Still chief minister was saying that functions of RSS would be restricted and so we reject it with contempt”, he said.

Referring to drill exercise, the RSS leader said it was meant to improve knowledge and physical capabilities and the main objective was to inculcate nationalism in the minds of the people.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has also said, The government will take steps to formulate rules under the amended Kerala Police Act 2011 to curb RSS training camps in Kerala.

Mr. Vijayan said the RSS leadership was promoting arms training and attacks on their opponents in the name of cultural activities. Earlier, CPI(M) activists were attacked by the RSS. But now RSS workers were targeting activists of the Congress and other political parties.

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