Kerala Police : RSS worker allegedly blew up his home while making bombs


Kerala: An RSS worker in Kannur ‘s Koothuparamba area allegedly blew up part of his own house in a minor explosion, apparently while making a country-made bomb police said on Thursday.


According to reports, the blast had occurred in a room of an old compound at the RSS worker’s house, however it is not yet clear whether anyone has sustained injuries in the blast or not. RSS member, Valayangadan Raghu, and his son are untraceable after the incident. It is suspected that the bomb went off when they were making it but it is not yet confirmed.

Police found half a kilogram of gunpowder in the room.

Even in the past RSS worker has been hurt while manufacturing a bomb. Last year, a BJP worker was killed in a bomb explosion, apparently while making bombs in his house in Kottayampoyil near Koothuparamba.

Sources: News18



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