Kiran Bedi Got Trolled after She shared Photoshop picture of Indian Tricolour on World Monuments


Puducherry LG Kiran Bedi is in news again after Delhi election, and this time again she got trolled. She was known for her lack of knowledge in Politics during Delhi election.

She shared these morphed photoshop  image of ‘Screen Patti’ a social media page, they shared this picture first and asked to imagine how it feels if our tri-colour gets on these historic places. But in no time it went viral and Bhakts started sharing this as real and stealing credit for Modi ji. Later they realised it going to the wrong direction and they took these images down.

As this was widely spread over internet by Bhakts mainly, some how this reached to Our Kiran Bedi ji yesterday morning and she tweeted with caption “Fantastic Jai Hind”.

Here is how Twitterati Reacted to her this tweet.



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