Kunal Kamra asked to move out of his house due to his Anti-Govt/Modi jokes


Being a comedian with a political opinion comes at a cost. Comedian Kunal Kamra, famous for his stand up acts on patriotism and the government in today’s India, has been asked to move out of his home due to his involvement in political issues.

In a Facebook post, Kamra shares a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation with his landlady who asks him to move out due to the various “political issues coming up”. Kamra then goes on to share a message to young comedians about how being a comedian with a political opinion has cost him. Kamra reveals that he used to get calls from the organisers saying they “don’t want to take a risk” as their guests were really powerful people “who they can’t piss off”. For this, the organisers would completely scrap off Kamra’s session. He says that while he lost out on gigs due to his political stand, his contemporaries performed at the same events.

The comedian goes on to talk about the hypocisy of public figures who continuously told him that they love his work but never rooted for him.

Kamra’s message to young comedians asking them to “choose wisely” the kind of comedians they want to become is a powerful reflection of how India is still not ready to take creative work in stride.

Question is, when PM Modi believes art can’t have any restrictions, why all this coming suddenly from his supporters.


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