Lawyer sends legal notice to Dainik jagran for publishing fake news on Kathua


While the nation was outraging over the brutal rape and murder of eight year old Asifa Hindi publication Dainik Jagran published a report spreading fake news that the rape did not happen .

On April 20 Dainik Jagran claimed that two post-mortem reports were released instead one and in both the reports there was no mention of rape .The story was covered by Awadesh Chauhan under the heading ,” Bada Khulasa: Kathua ki bachi se nahi hua tha Dushkaram (Big expose: Kathua girl was not raped)”

When asked to provide the post-mortem report the publication failed to answer and later pulled down the news from its online website .Digital Editor Kamlesh Raghuvanshi said that the news was pulled down as they wanted to verify further but it was circulated in the print version .

The news claimed by Dainik Jagran turned out to be fake as J &K police have rubbished the claims made by Dainik Jagran and J&K police took to twitter saying, ”Constrained by the reportage, it is to place on record that on the strength of opinion furnished by medical experts, it has been confirmed that the victim was found subjected to sexual assault by the accused.”Delhi FSL was able to confirm the presence of blood stains on the clothes of the victim. After this, the DNA profiling was done which confirmed the presence of victim’s blood on the vaginal smears.Also, the hair strand obtained from the place from where the body of the victim was dumped was examined and it matched with the DNA profile of one of the accused Shubham Sangra.As per the report of medical experts, the minor was found prima-facie raped before being killed.

The press release by J& K police and forensic report has proved that the news floated by Dainik Jagran was fake ,aimed at misleading the public and create an impression that the rape never occurred .The online fake news was widely shared and circulated before it was pulled down and the fake news is still available in the print version ,so the some damage has been done by this fake news .SC lawyer HR Khan has sent a legal notice to Dainik Jagran for mallicous news on Kathua rape case and has demanded a compensation of 10L for the family .


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