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Lucknow educated youngsters selling “pakodas” with a jibe of PM’s statement

Depicting a unique protest against the PM Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah’s remarks which they mentioned ” better to sell ‘pakodas’ than to be unemployed” a group of 100 professional degree holders from old Lucknow the 100 educated youngsters put up a ‘pakoda’ stall near Ghantaghar in Old Lucknow and sold ‘pakodas’ for Rs 10/piece. The youngsters took a jibe at the PM’s recent ‘pakoda’ remark and thanked him for helping him with the novel idea.

On wednesday,two youngsters from the group named Azim and Kaleem who are MBA and BA graduates said that, “We were promised 2 crore jobs, but unfortunately there are no jobs for youngsters like us and in such a time, PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah are advising the youth to sell pakodas to earn a living. Instead of giving jobs, they give such advises, which is very shameful.”

The pakoda stall had a banner with a jibe saying ‘Ache Din Pakoda Shop’, also carried a message, ‘Rozgar Dene Ke Lie Dhanyawad’. The stall’s menu also was filled with sarcasm saying customers could choose between PhD Pakoda, Engineer Pakoda, MBA Pakoda, LLB Pakoda, ITI Pakoda, B.Com Pakoda and Intermediate Pakoda.

” In a recent interview with a news channel, Prime Minister Modi observed that someone earning Rs 200 by opening a ‘pakoda’ shop by the street cannot be called unemployed.”

Twenty-two-year-old Ashwani, who was observing this unique ‘pakoda’ stall said, “We have to take care of our families but we do not have a job. What will the youngsters do without jobs?” Subsequently, similar views were expressed by another youngster Punit Tiwari, who was helping his friends Azim and Kaleem in selling the pakodas.

Similar to this sarcastic action the congress leaders also staged a similar ‘pakoda’ protest by putting up a pakoda stall near the UP Assembly, where Congress MLAs along with some supporters protested holding banners and placards.

Two days back with PM modi’s comment, the Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan said that the Prime Minister must create employment opportunities for youths, so that they do not end up picking up arms and engage in hooliganism on streets.

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