Madhya Pradesh : 2100 cows allegedly gone missing from Jabalpur cow shelter


A surprising case of missing cows from a charitable cow-shelter has been reported from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The cow-shelter has been the place where a local squad catching stray cows from streets used to bring and keep them there.

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According to Hindustan Times, Rajendra Patel, who is a senior official in fire brigade wing of Jabalpur Municipal Corporation, around 2100 cows are missing. The fact of missing cows came to light when cow-shelter statistics register was analysed.


The statistics record show that from April 2016 to July 2017 about 4592 were brought to this shelter but on head-counting only 1100 cows are present and about 1298 cows were released beforehand after their owners payed some fine. The difference of about 2100 goes missing.

“Of these cows, 1298 cows were released after their owners paid penalty. Now the cow shelter has around 1100 cows, leaving nearly 2100 cows unaccounted or missing”, said Rajendra Patel, a senior official in the fire brigade wing of the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation.

The information has come to notice of Jabalpur collector who has said that he has taken cognizance of the issue after the news reports have emerged and will form an enquiry committee for the same as the issue is serious.

We have to take the fact into consideration that a lot of people have sentiments associated with cows and such sentiments have been played with to garner votes, conduct mob-lynching and divide people of the nation; hence, such statement from Jabalpur Collector is praiseworthy though it comes at the cost of diversion of administration workers to this issue.

The in-charge of charitable cow-shelter, Malay Jain, has informed that they conduct camps every two month in the shelter where they distribute the cows to farmers. He also informed that cow-shelter is facing a problem of shortage of space as a large number of cows are brought there. He said that he has already informed the divisional collector Jabalpur that due to constraint of space the shelter can take no more cows.


The case of missing cows raises many questions. Do we need more space, more manpower and more capital to take care of such stray-cows? If yes how will the fund be raised considering the shortage of resources we face to provide services to even orphan children and dejected elderly?

The political parties have politicised the issue of cow-worship at the perils of nations already limited resources. Can we afford to have police system burdened with missing cows cases when they have more demanding issues like security of women; to mention here the fact that Madhya Pradesh is known as the Rape Capital of India with most number of crimes against women?

And will our police administration be ever able to solve the mystery of missing cows when mystery of murders and missing humans remain unsolved? We leave you with this thought to ruminate upon, praying holy cows are found and guilty punished.



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