Malegaon : ‘Gau Rakshaks’ Beat Up Two Meat Traders, Force Them To Chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’


In yet another shocking incident of Gao Rakshaks traumatising Muslim victims, a group of right-wing goons have mercilessly thrashed a Muslim boy for allegedly possessing beef in Maharashtra.

Newly appointed director general of up police Sulkhan Singh said that strong actions would be taken against gau rakshaks running riots in the state and that no instance of vigilantism would be allowed.

A group of goons thrashed two meat traders in Malegoan area and force them to chant Jai Shree Ram. All this was done because they suspected that the traders were carrying beef. Singh said vigilantism of any kind will not be tolerated nobody is above law, if people come across criminal offences they should report them to the police.


Those who indulge in mob violence will pay for their actions and this latest incident in the series involving self proclaimed gau rakshaks fits to take law into their hands.

The attackers also get enraged on the victim a pronouncing ‘Allah’ in desperation Critics say that these attacks have the support from ruling government.

In the above video, One Gao Rakshak is heard saying, “Say Jai Shri Ram, say Jai Shri Ram. Allah kaa naam nahi lene kaa (Don’t take Allah’s name.)”

In the video, a group of over a dozen Gao Rakshaks can be seen kicking and beating a young boy with some forcing him to chant, ‘gai hamaari mata hai (cow is my mother).”

According to source, Police has registered case against Traders. and samples has been sent to Nahpur;s laboratory to test.

This trend of mob justice is growing everyday in this new India, last month Pehlu Khan a Muslim dairy Farmer was lynched to death by Gao Rakshak, A boy was beaten by such pro-claimed Rakshak in Ujjain, madhya Pradesh. Even as the attacks on traders continue, the central government has put in place a rule that bans the sale of cows for slaughter at animal markets.


There are many protest going on against the move, yesterday Kerela CM Pinarayi virjayan attacks on the centre over the ban and he said he didn’t need a lesson in food habits from New Delhi or Nagpur.

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In a bid to distance the BJP ideology of cow protection from self styled cow vigilantism or gau rakshaks, Union minister Nitin gadkari said that the party should not be held responsible for those who take the law in their hands in the grab of gau rakshaks He said that the party had no connection or interaction with any such people or groups.



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